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Next Meeting

Next Meeting

EGM Monday 2nd December, 7.30pm in Cairn

Scottish Pool Association

Scottish Pool Association

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    Category: News
    Number of Items: 6
    League Cup Winners 2016/17
    League Cup Winners 2015/16
    League Cup Winners 2014
    League Cup Winners 2013
    World Champion!
    League Cup Winners 2012
    SPA Tournaments

    Category: SPA Tournaments
    Number of Items: 5
    SPA Super 15 championships
    Scottish Under 23's Final
    European B Individual Event Runner Up
    Wee County Scottish Internationalists
    B team County Champs
    Davy McGowan Cup

    Category: Davy McGowan Cup
    Number of Items: 7
    Davy McGowan Cup Final 2017/18
    Davy McGowan Cup Final 2017
    Davy McGowan Cup Winners 2015/16
    Davy McGowan Cup Winners 2015/16
    Davy McGowan Cup Winners 2013
    Davy McGowan Cup Winners 2012
    Davy McGowan Cup Winners 2011
    County Doubles

    Category: County Doubles
    Number of Items: 7
    County Doubles Winners 2018/19
    County Doubles 2017/18
    County Doubles 2017
    County Doubles 2015/16
    County Doubles Winners 2015
    County Doubles Winners 2014
    County Doubles Winners 2011/12
    G Henny Cup

    Category: G Henny Cup
    Number of Items: 5
    G Henny Cup Winners 2016
    G Henny Cup Winners 2015
    G Henny Cup Winners 2014
    G Henny Cup Winners 2013
    G Henny Cup Winners 2012
    B League Cup (Jelly Memorial)

    Category: B League Cup (Jelly Memorial)
    Number of Items: 6
    B League Cup Winners 2017/18
    B League Cup Winners 2017
    B League Cup Winners 2016
    B League Cup Winners 2014
    B League Cup Winners 2013
    B League Cup Winners 2012
    County Singles

    Category: County Singles
    Number of Items: 8
    County Singles Winner 2018/19
    County Singles 2017/18
    County Singles 2016/17
    County Singles 2015/16
    County Singles Winner 2015
    County Singles Winner 2014
    County Singles Winner 2013
    County Singles Winner 2012
    Leigh Wheater Memorial (B League Singles)

    Category: Leigh Wheater Memorial (B League Singles)
    Number of Items: 5
    B League Singles 2017/18
    B League Singles 2016/17
    Leigh Wheater Memorial Winner 2015/16
    Leigh Wheater Memorial Winner 2015
    B Singles Winner 2014

    Category: Fundraising
    Number of Items: 0
    There are no news items in this category.

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